Saturday, June 28, 2014

Boating Experience

PictureMy boating class went really well! I learned lots of things like how to tie the bowline, the clove hitch, and the cleat hitch. We also went on boat rides, which were really fun, especially when we went fast.

On Monday, we assembled at the main building, introduced ourselves, and met our instructor Captain Don. We went to the classroom. We got our textbooks and Captain Don gave us a 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' trivia quiz, for us to pick our boats. Then, we went in three groups to our boats. My group got the 'Sea Boss' with Captain Dave. We practiced docking at the
Shrimpers docks, and I got to drive a few times and practiced docking.

On Tuesday, we studied a little bit out of the books. Then, we got to our boats. This time, we got the 'Yankee Doodle,' my favorite boat in the Chapman fleet. We practiced anchoring at Hell's Gate, a little spot of water that's good for anchoring. We got back ashore and had our lunch. After lunch, we went to the pool and watched one of the adult classes practice lifeboat boarding drills.

On Wednesday, we studied some more out of the books, and studied some knots. Next, we got our PFDs,(Personal Floatation Devices), and got on the 'Liberty.' We practiced steering the boat. Afterward, we went to the pool and had lots of fun.

On Thursday, we went to our boats and piloted them to the public dock at downtown Stuart, and went to
Hoffman's Ice Cream. I got a vanilla chocolate mix, with mini M&Ms, Skittles, Gummy Bears, and Cinnamon Toast Crunches. Then, we went back and had lunch and studied. After that, we went to the pool. 

On Friday, we went on the big boats. We got 'No Tee Time,' which was very slow. Then, we figured out how flares work and what different types there were. Then, we got a test. After everyone was done, Captain Don told us who won. I passed the test! We got so excited that we went to the pool.

Thank you Captain Don and all the nice folks at the
Chapman School of Seamanship for all the help you gave me!