Sunday, December 21, 2014


I have been to Disney World once for my twelfth birthday. I went to the Magic Kingdom, which was really cool. I have three theme parks left to do. Disney's Animal Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Epcot. The next park I would like to go to is Epcot. Epcot is divided into two areas, Future World and World Showcase. In Future World, there are many structures such as Spaceship Earth, Mission Space, Test Track and more. Mission Space is a ride meant to simulate astronaut training for the first manned mission to Mars. Riders are arranged into crews of four before watching an introductory video. Before going on, each person has a role,(Navigator, Pilot, Commander, or Engineer). Test Track is a car ride where first you get in a car, and you go through tests where one room is very cold and the other is very hot. Then there's the brake tests. you're about to hit a wall because you don't have brakes, but the wall is a door that opens up to the track, where you go sixty-five miles an hour around the track. World Showcase has many structures of different parts of the world, such as France, Italy, and Mexico. There is a mobile attraction at World Showcase called the World Showcase Adventure, taking place in different parts of World Showcase. It is an electronic scavenger hunt that has people use special custom made cellphones to give them clues on what to find and where to find it. Epcot is a very interesting park full of science and technology that is amazing for the future.