Sunday, January 25, 2015

US Sport Aviation Expo

 Last weekend, I went to Sebring, FL for a performance at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo. I would like to thank the Flying Musicians Association for inviting me to play, and I would also like to thank my Mom and Dad for the time and effort of getting us up there and getting room and board for all of us. Friday morning: My dad took Sam T. Dawg to The Inn of the Dog. When he came back, we started packing the guitar and equipment up.

At 3:00, my mom arrived home from work early to get herself ready for the trip and to get on the road early.           At around 4:00, we were on the road to the Kenilworth Lodge in Sebring. Once we got our room key, we went and had dinner at a restaurant next to the hotel

The next day, I got up and took a shower. Once we were all awake, we went downstairs for the free continental breakfast. I had Swiss Miss hot chocolate, a doughnut, and a bagel. We got in the van and drove to the Aviation Expo, where we got wristbands for the volunteers. At around 12:00 noon, I got up and played a few songs, and the tent filled up. After that, I went outside to see some airplanes take off and land. I also played a song for the people at the Seaplane Pilots Association booth. I am now a 5 year member. We met the Chairman of the Board of Sun 'n' Fun, Robert Knight and I was interviewed by the Florida Aviation Network. At around 5:00, we went back to the hotel and I played Peaceful Easy Feeling over by the fireplace, then we lounged in our room and watched TV before going to sleep.

At around 9:00 the next day, we packed everything up and hit the road back home. We had an amazing breakfast at the Landing Strip Cafe at the Okeechobee airport. The waitress was very nice, and so was the food. In my opinion, they should turn off a few off the TV's there. We came back home, and mom got the dog. All in all, I think it was a fantastic weekend.
By Fletcher Morton.