Saturday, July 12, 2014

Won A Guitar, Goin' Flyin'

A few weeks ago, I wrote and recorded a song as my entry in the Zager Guitarscontest to win a free guitar. On June 31, they announced the winner of the guitar.
It was me!
The link to the song I wrote is here. The guitar will arrive soon and I will make a video with me unboxing it, testing the strings, and playing a song.  Next week I will be going to the Sailfish Aviation Summer Camp, at the St. Lucie Airport in Ft. Pierce. My friend Alex might also get to go! Hopefully, if the weather's good, we will go flying.

I took some of my tip money from my last gig and bought The Simpsons Game for my Wii, and a new watch. 
This past week we have been getting some really awesome thunderstorms. The only one that didn't like it was my dog, SamHe's so scared of thunder, that he hides in the smallest place he can find. Under my mom's desk. It was really blastin' out there, but yesterday was sunny.  Hopefully today will be, too.