Friday, September 19, 2014

OK Buckaroos

My performance at Archie's a few weeks ago went really well. Hopefully, next month's performance will be even better. Last week I watched a documentary/biography about Jerry Jeff Walker called OK Buckaroos. It was really great. I really liked the part where he asked someone in his hometown that traveled a lot how he gets out of there, and Jerry Jeff Walker went to Florida. When my dad was working at the Stuart airport he met Jerry Jeff Walker. He was going to go fishing with his buddies but didn't bring a swimsuit. So, my dad took Jerry Jeff Walker swimsuit shopping at West Marine. Thanks, Papa for the DVD. I really appreciate it. I now have 'Faithfully' by Journey in my piano song list. It is my second favorite Journey song. Number 1 is 'Separate Ways', a.k.a 'Worlds Apart'. I also have 'Piano Man' by Billy Joel, which is really good if you can split piano and harmonica on your keyboard.