Friday, November 14, 2014

Games, Lessons, And Songs.

One of my friends and I have been playing Minecraft In Real Life, a game we created based off of Minecraft. So far, I have a Diamond Sword, made by Diamonds and Wooden Sticks, and a diamond pickaxe, also made by Diamonds and wooden Sticks. My friend, Elliot, is the Miner, I am the Forger, and Emily, Elliot's sister, is the guard. She guards our house to make sure our supplies are safe. What I do is take any items that Elliot finds, and make something out of them, such as a Diamond Helmet, or an Emerald Sword.

I am also giving another friend, Luke, some guitar lessons. We started last Thursday with what everything is on a guitar and what the notes are. In our next lesson, we are going to go over three simple basic chords, G, C, and D.

I am working on some other songs for Key West next month, such as Southern Cross, Summer of 69', and Volcano. I am getting better at play Love Will Keep Us Alive. I am now playing it with very few mistakes.